Massage Therapy for Cancer Patientsmassage 1

It’s that simple. At Shine Therapy, we are dedicated to providing nurturing massage and lymphatic therapy designed specifically for cancer patients, especially those who are uninsured, underinsured or low income.

Free and Low-Cost Massages

Every new patient receives two free massages. Thereafter, we ask a donation according to income. You may receive 17 massages in a 12-month period with your physician’s medical release. For more information, visit the New Clients page.

In Good Hands

Our highly trained therapists are experts in body structure, cancer-related precautions and concerns, and integrated therapeutic techniques. We study your detailed medical history to create a safe and effective treatment plan just for you.


Oncology Massage: Relaxing professional massage specifically designed to safely nurture the body, mind and spirit of those dealing with cancer.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Relieves the buildup of lymphatic fluid, a common side-effect of cancer treatment when lymph vessels are damaged or lymph nodes are removed.
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Many of our patients see benefits after the first visit.
  • Less muscle spasms and cramping
  • Decreased edema
  • Easing of anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue
  • Increased endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer
  • Improved range of motion
  • Less post-surgical adhesions and softened scar tissue
  • Decreased nausea and constipation
  • Improved body image